Access Level I


Laying a Solid Foundation


Suggested Prerequisites: Intro to Computers and Intro to Windows

Description: Access Level I is designed to help the course participant understand the place that Access has in our “computer lives” and feel comfortable creating the basic components needed for a good, sound, credible database. This course, while offering an understanding of the basics, flows naturally into the Access Level II course, which steps up each of the Level I topics and greatly enhances the basics.



Database Concepts

Access Overview

The Database Planning Process

Creating a Database and Tables

Modifying Tables and Managing Records

Basic Queries

  • Sorting
  • Criteria
  • Calculations

Basic Forms

  • The Form Wizard
  • Columnar Forms
  • Tabular Forms
  • Changing Labels
  • Changing Color
  • Sizing and Moving Controls

Basic Reports

  • The Report Wizard
  • Changing Labels
  • Changing Color
  • Sizing and Moving Controls
Access Level I
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