Access: Success with Queries


Understanding the “Workhorse” of Access


Suggested Prerequisites: Access Levels I and II

Description: Queries are the “workhorses” of Microsoft Access. This course exhausts the query topics – giving the Access developer amazing tools to use when developing user-friendly, functional databases. This course should ONLY be taken after Access Level I and Access Level II have been completed, or with the express permission of the course instructor.



Select Queries

  • Sorting
  • Show Box
  • Naming Fields and Supplying Captions
  • Criteria
  • Boolean Logic


  • Expression Builder
  • Summarizing Data Using Subtotals
  • Concatenation
  • Substring Functions
  • IIF Statement

Query Properties

  • Displaying Top Values
  • Displaying Unique Values

Advanced Queries

  • Parameters
  • Join Queries
  • Crosstab Queries
  • Finding and Eliminating Duplicate Information
  • Self-Join Queries

Action Queries

  • Make Table
  • Delete
  • Append
  • Update

Basing Queries on Queries

The Next Step… Outputting Query Results

Access: Success with Queries
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