A man holding a bulb with the world on it.
A man holding a bulb with the world on it.

Encouraging Innovation in the Workplace


Innovation is simply creativity that goes “outside the box” to find fresh, exciting, and enticing ways to drive business. In light of the strong competition and weak economy of today’s workforce, a business that wants to grow and retain competitive advantage must be innovative. This seminar teaches participants how to encourage innovation within their work environment, an activity that is sure to put their organization on the fast track to growth and economic certainty.


Professional Development

Learning Objective

Participants will learn to incorporate innovation into their personal and professional lives.

Who Should Attend

The savvy business person who wants to encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace – and ensure that both they and their employers stay ahead of the pack.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • Innovation Blockers
  • Innovation Promoters
  • Establishing an Innovative Environment
  • Key Management Roles that Encourage Innovation
  • Hiring the Right “Innovative” Employees
  • Building Innovation Teams
  • The Competitive Benefits of Innovation
Encouraging Innovation in the Workplace

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