Excel Macros/VBA


Making Automation Work for You


Suggested Prerequisites: Excel Levels I, II and III

Description: Excel Macros/VBA allows advanced Excel users to become more familiar with the “behind the scenes” experience of macros – the world of VBA. Participants will be introduced to simple VBA procedures and functions – and will be exposed to many extremely useful macros that can be incorporated into their own workbooks.



Introduction to Visual Basic For Applications

  • Recording and Running a Macro
  • Understanding the VB Editor
  • Using the VB Menu Bar and Standard Toolbar
  • Using the Project Explorer and the properties window
  • Understanding the code window
  • Editing code and getting help
  • Closing the visual basic editor

Introducing Objects

  • Understanding the object browser
  • Understanding objects
  • Understanding the object hierarchy
  • Referencing objects
  • Understanding collections

Using The Editing Features

  • Using the Immediate window
  • Using auto list
  • Using auto quick info

Introducing Variables

  • Declaring variables
  • Understanding data types
  • Storing values in variables
  • Storing objects in variables

Creating Procedures And Functions

  • Understanding Procedures
  • Calling procedures from procedures
  • Using intrinsic functions
  • Using message and input boxes
  • Creating functions

Working with Conditional Statements

  • Understanding conditional statement
  • Working with decision structures
  • Mastering looping structures

Creating Applications

  • Useful Commands for Automation
  • Directing User Action
  • Msgbox & Inputbox
  • Conditional Branching
  • Do & For Next Loops

Debugging Your Application

  • Understanding Errors
  • Debugging Code
  • Using debugging Tools
  • Using helpful windows
Excel Macros/VBA
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