How to Ensure Project Management Success


Project management is an art form as well as a science. There are basic steps and processes that an astute leader can kick into play to ensure project success, as well as ensure the team working on the project is motivated, productive, and stays on track. This seminar will teach project managers to set up a project for success – from the start.



Learning Objective

The participant will have new tools that can be utilized to successfully complete projects. These tools, when laid in place from the start, help the project team to focus while providing bumper-guards for the project.

Who Should Attend

The innovative project manager who wants to have a better handle on completing projects successfully, while also empowering team members to perform at their best.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



• Organization of a Project
• Project Manager Responsibilities
• The Five Phases of a Project
• Eight Elements that Define Project Scope
• Project Team Responsibilities
• Assigning Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities

How to Ensure Project Management Success

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