How to Evaluate and Ensure Project Health


A project health assessment is an evaluation of the definition and implementation of project management processes. It is designed to identify substandard critical processes, analyze what is missing, recommend corrective action, and mentor the project manager to correct the issues. Savvy project managers perform project health assessments on a regular basis to stay ahead of problems. This seminar is designed to help project managers and/or teams conduct regular health assessments that lend to the successful completion of a project.


Professional Development/Leadership

Learning Objective

The participant will learn to manage project health through regular, intentional assessments designed to ferret out ineffective processes and spur corrective action.

Who Should Attend

The project manager or tea m member that wants to make sure projects done on their watch are done well and within planned scope.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



• Definition of project health and assessment
• The five key elements of project health
• Seven simple steps to ensure project health is sound
• The project health team and their roles and duties
• Different reporting tools that make actionable presentations of data

How to Evaluate and Ensure Project Health
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