Managing Vendors Successfully


Vendor management, oversight and communication can present challenges to a project manager and their team. However, with a few processes in place, vendor management can become much more of a partnership, and can actually lend itself to the successful completion of projects.



Learning Objective

Project leads will learn steps to perform vendor management, oversight and communication that will build lasting relationships that translate into successful projects.

Who Should Attend?

Any project professional who wants to create a win-win environment around projects that will enable vendors, teams, and other partners to find mutual success.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



• Why are vendor management, oversight, and communication so important?
• Signs of a difficult vendor
• Vendor management pros and cons
• The six benefits of a vendor management plan
• The vendor management process: Seven steps to success
• How to monitor vendor performance while mitigating risk
• Great vendor communication strategies
• Seven ways to enhance vendor relationships

Managing Vendors Successfully
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