Microsoft Excel Formulas: Part 1


Microsoft Excel was originally intended to help humans store numeric data and perform calculations and logic on that numeric data. While we do much more than that in Excel today, one of the main reasons it is so popular is because of its amazing ability with number crunching. This interactive seminar will help participants lay the foundation for being able to work with Excel formulas and functions – with ease.



Learning Objective

The participant will understand how to construct basic formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel, and will learn shortcuts, tips, and tricks to make the process much easier!

Who Should Attend?

The innovative employee who wants to enhance their understanding and use of Microsoft Excel formulas.

Required Knowledge

Microsoft Excel Introduction or Microsoft Excel Part 1

Advanced Preparation



• The difference between formulas and functions
• Creating basic formulas and functions – with shortcuts
• Absolute cell references and cell/range names
• Statistical functions and the Insert Function tool
• Creating linked formulas
• The IF function
• Troubleshooting and the IFERROR function

Microsoft Excel Formulas: Part 1
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