Networking for Success

Networking for Success


True networking occurs when there’s an understanding that everyone in the room has equal value. In its purest form, it’s about people enjoying other people, communicating passions and connecting with others who share those passions. It’s about listening, figuring out what others need and connecting them with people you think can help, without any designs for personal gain. The most successful networkers build genuine relationships and give more than they receive. They go beyond thinking, “What’s in it for me?” to ask “How can I help?” This seminar will enable participants to network successfully, catapulting their careers into the stratosphere!


Professional Development

Learning Objective

Participants will learn how to create networking opportunities, and then use each opportunity to ensure professional success.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is interested in learning how to better network to ensure professional success.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • The Art of Networking
  • 5 Rookie Networking Fails and How to Avoid Them
  • People and Places Essential to Successful Networking
  • 8 Tricks to Make Connections that will Pay Off
  • Tips for Networking Success
  • Networking for Success
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