Suggested Prerequisites

An understanding of Windows and computers.


Power BI is quickly becoming the most powerful business intelligence data analytics platform. An understanding of Power BI is essential for data professionals. With Power BI it is possible to connect to many different types of data, easily manipulate and analyze the data, and then create stunning, interactive dashboards to provide visuals for your audience.



The Power BI Interface and Workflow

Acquiring Data

  • Types of Data Connectors
  • The Query Editor
  • Table Transformations
  • Text, Number and Date-specific Tools
  • Index and Conditional Columns
  • Grouping and Aggregating Data
  • Pivoting and Un-pivoting Data
  • Merge and Append Queries
  • Defining Hierarchies

Cleaning and Transforming Data

  • The Data Model
  • Data Tables vs. Lookup Tables
  • Relationships
  • Understanding Filter Flow
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Introduction to Calculated Columns
  • Introduction to Measures
  • Adding Columns and Measures
  • DAX Syntax and Operators
  • DAX Functions

Visualizing Data with Reports

  • The Report View
  • Adding Simple Objects
  • Inserting Basic Charts and Other Visuals
  • Formatting Options
  • Report Filtering
  • Editing Report Interactions
  • What-if Parameters
  • Managing and Viewing Roles
  • Making Visuals Available to Others


Power BI Desktop – Level 1
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