Putting Yourself on the Map – How to be Noticed at Work


This course shows attendees the top qualities that employers look for in employees that are deemed “invaluable” and “retainable.” Participants will then learn how to incorporate these qualities into their everyday appearance, actions, aptitudes and attitudes – so that they are noticeably successful and highly regarded – and thought of first for advancement and/or retention.


Professional Development

Learning Objective

“Putting Yourself on the Map – How to be Noticed at Work” is designed to coach participants to incorporate the qualities most desired by employers into their own personal bag of tricks – turning them into more valuable (and promotable!) workers in the process.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to be considered valuable, retainable, and/or promotable at work.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • The 10 most promotable qualities
  • Showcasing job knowledge in the workplace
  • Effective methods for gaining “required” experience
  • How to use visibility to achieve results
  • How to cultivate useful, reciprocal relationships in the workforce
  • Methods for displaying creativity in any job
  • Real-world communication tips and techniques
  • The importance of appearance in any job environment
  • How to show the right attitude all of the time
  • Factors that display maturity to supervisors
Putting Yourself on the Map – How to be Noticed at Work
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