Risk Management for Project Success


There are risks associated with every project. Some of the risks are negligible, and others can be catastrophic. The proactive project manager always identifies project risk and develops contingency plans if the risk comes to fruition. This seminar gives participants a set of procedures designed to help identify, prevent, and mitigate possible project risks.



Learning Objective

Participants will understand how to identify risks in any project plan and will learn to develop plans that will prevent the risks from becoming reality, and/or effectively deal with the risks when they emerge.

Who Should Attend?

Any project professional who wants to be able to ensure project success in spite of risks.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



• What is the risk assessment process?
• Five questions to ask about potential risks
• The six-step risk management process
• Thwarting potential risks
• Mitigating current risks
• The importance of documentation

Risk Management for Project Success
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