Successful Leadership: Leading a Team through the Organizational Maze


Developing effective work teams is a learned art. This seminar will teach prospective leaders how to know the characteristics of both ineffective and effective teams, so that solid, efficient team building becomes second nature. Participants will also learn to foster team communication that strengthens team bonds and reflects positively on leadership.


Professional Development

Learning Objective

Participants will learn to become more effective leaders by building motivated work teams that have a good grip on effective communication.

Who Should Attend

Leaders who are interested in surrounding themselves with great work teams, and who are eager to create a personal reputation as an expert team builder.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • Seven Patterns of Team Ineffectiveness
  • Comparing Effective and Ineffective Teams
  • 7 Steps to Build and Manage an Effective Team
  • 4 Leadership Styles
  • 4 Team Member Styles
  • Fostering Effective Team Communication
  • Key Team Roles
  • 10 Ways to Gain Respect as a Leader
  • Successful Leadership: Leading a Team through the Organizational Maze

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