Talent Management, Recruitment and Retention


Talent management refers to the process of developing and integrating new talent, retaining current workers and continually attracting highly skilled employees to work for your company. Simply put, talent management consists of two main functions: hiring and retention. They complement each other, and if both are done well they produce what every company desperately needs: first-class human assets that produce and are loyal to the organization. In this seminar, the participant will investigate the hiring process, including new strategies for defining job requirements, recruiting and interviewing. The attendees will also learn the importance of retention, and how to manage for retention within today’s organizational structure.


Professional Development

Learning Objective

The participant will understand how to hire, retain and manage desirable individuals who make a difference to the bottom line.

Who Should Attend

Those who desire to build a strong work team.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation




  • The Secret to Recruiting
  • Using Avante Garde Recruiting Strategies
  • Interview Tips and Tricks


  • Why Retention Matters
  • Ways to Ensure Retention
  • Leadership Tools for Retention
Talent Management, Recruitment and Retention
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