Win-Win Negotiation


Effective negotiation can be used to resolve situations where conflict exists between what one person wants or expects and what someone else wants or expects. The aim of win-win negotiation is to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties, and leaves both parties feeling that they’ve won, in some way, after the event. This seminar will enable participants to master the art of win-win negotiating – helping them to achieve success in their personal and professional lives.


Professional Development

Learning Objective

Participants will learn to create winning outcomes for any type of negotiation process.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is involved in negotiations that would like to have more positive outcomes.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • Types of Negotiation Outcomes
  • The 12 Rules for Win-Win Negotiating
  • Proven Negotiation Techniques
  • Win-Win Negotiation Tips for Managers
  • 5 Things you Should Never Say While Negotiating
  • Win-Win Negotiation
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