Writing a Report that Others will Read


At some point in their career, just about everyone in the world of business is asked to produce a report. However, most resulting reports would function better as bird-cage liners due to their poor quality and lackluster content. This seminar offers real-world tips for making business reports more compelling as well as more enjoyable to read. Put yourself on the map by becoming an expert business report writer using the content from this seminar and your own innovative ideas.


Professional Development

Learning Objective

The participant will understand how to compose a report that is eye-catching, persuasive, professional and memorable.

Who Should Attend

This seminar should be attended by anyone who wants to create attention-grabbing, easy-to-read reports that put forth a professional tone and spur others to action.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • Easy ways to Identify your Audience for Maximum Effect
  • Organizing your Writing Experience to Promote Interest
  • Eye-Popping Report Layout Ideas
  • Business Rules that Ensure Audience Attention
  • Proofing Tools that Add Shine
  • Writing a Report that Others will Read
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