Dr. Holly Sullenger, owner of Dr. Holly Speaks, has been successfully providing keynote speaking, corporate training and business systems consulting for over 20 years. Her three areas of specialization include leadership, professional development, and technology.

Dr. Holly’s expert skills, coupled with a keen sense of humor and an amazing understanding of participant interests and needs, have made her a much sought-after keynote speaker and corporate trainer. She can bring fresh, new ideas to your talented team—helping you position your organization for unparalleled success.

Dr. Holly completed her PhD specializing in Adult Education at NC State University. She has additional degrees in the areas of Business Management, Computer Science and Liberal Arts. She has also led five corporate training centers and has owned and run her own business for several decades.

You can receive daily motivation and keep up on current topics by following Dr. Holly on her frequently updated Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/DrHollySpeaks ,or on her LinkedIn page at https://www.Linkedin.com/company/DrHollySpeaks/

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