How to Develop a Compelling Business Message


One thing a lot of business professionals struggle with is describing what they do and the value proposition they bring their customers and clients. The way to do that is through effective messaging. Messages are the foundation for all successful communications programs. If you can’t describe what you do to your audiences, you will have a hard time convincing them that they should buy or use your product or service.

This workshop will show participants how to craft a business development message – one that will allow them to “soft sell” through stories and examples. This seminar will be interactive – participants will craft their own message during the workshop. Bring your ideas and your questions!


Leadership and Professional Development

Learning Objective

Attendees will learn how to develop business messages that communicate opportunities clearly while also inspiring action.

Who Should Attend?

Any professional who needs to share their organization’s message with others.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



• The importance of great messaging
• The four essential elements of a messaging strategy
• The four main qualities of an effective message
• Seven steps to creating an effective business development message
• Insuring message consistency across the organization

How to Develop a Compelling Business Message
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