Excel Level II


Enhancements and More


Suggested Prerequisites: Excel Level I

Description: Welcome to Microsoft Excel Level II. This course is the second in a series of three courses designed for individuals who will use Microsoft Excel as a tool to assist them in storing and analyzing numeric data. The topics in this course cover the critical skills necessary to enhance and refine a workbook. Major topics include workbooks, charts, calculations, sorting and filtering.



Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Data Validation
  • The Quick Sort Tools
  • Multiple Column Sort
  • Sorting Using Custom Options
  • Create a Custom List
  • Filter Data Lists Using AutoFilter
  • Create and Apply Advanced Filters
  • Adding Subtotals to a Worksheet

Creating and Modifying Charts

  • Create a Chart
  • Renaming Sheets
  • Embedding a Chart
  • Moving and Sizing a Chart
  • Format Chart Items
  • Change the Chart Type
  • Add or Change the Chart Titles, Labels and Legend

Working with Graphic Objects

  • Insert Pictures
  • Insert Clip Art
  • Using Shapes
  • Group Graphic Objects

Developing a Workbook

  • Grouping Worksheets
  • Reposition Worksheets in a Workbook
  • Calculate Across Worksheets
  • Copy Worksheets from One Workbook to Another

Calculating with Advanced Formulas

  • Calculate with Statistical Functions
  • Calculate with Financial Functions
  • Create and Apply a Name for a Range of Cells
  • Using Names
  • Calculate with Logical Functions
  • Calculate with Date and Time Functions
  • Calculate with Lookup Functions

Creating and Applying Templates

  • Create a Workbook from a Template
  • Create a Custom Template
  • Working with Comments
Excel Level II
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