PowerPoint Level I


Eye-Popping Presentations


Suggested Prerequisites: Intro to Computers and Intro to Windows

Description: Welcome to PowerPoint Level I. This course is designed for individuals who need to put together effective, persuasive graphic presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. The topics this course will cover include getting started, creating the basic PowerPoint slides, working with drawing tools, Clip Art and WordArt, creating organization charts and data graphs, using templates and masters, and presentation options.



Introduction to PowerPoint

  • Starting PowerPoint
  • The PowerPoint window

Beginning a Presentation

  • Creating a Title Slide
  • Adding Additional Slides to a Presentation
  • Creating a Bullet Slide
  • Creating a Slide in Outline View
  • Navigating Through Slides

Visual Enhancements

  • Inserting Pictures
  • Inserting ClipArt and Shapes
  • Sizing and Moving Graphic Objects
  • Grouping Graphic Objects
  • Working with WordArt

Organization Charts And Microsoft Graph

  • Working with Organization Charts
  • Using Microsoft Graph

Organization Charts And Microsoft Graph

  • Selecting a Template
  • Using the Slide Master

Presentation Options

  • Slide Sorter View
  • Animating a Slide
  • Running a Slide Show
  • Using Speaker Notes
  • Printing a Presentation
PowerPoint Level I
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