Project Level I


Planning and Organizing a Project


Suggested Prerequisites: Windows Skills and an Understanding of Project Management

Description: Welcome to Microsoft Project Level 1. This course is the first in a series of two courses designed for individuals who will use Microsoft Project as a tool to assist them in managing projects. The topics in this course cover the critical skills necessary to create and modify a project plan file that contains tasks, resources, and resource assignments.



Lesson 1: Starting a Project

  • Entering Tasks
  • Entering Durations
  • Entering Project Start/Finish Dates
  • Documenting the Project Plan

Lesson 2: Relationships

  • Establishing Task Relationships
  • Establishing the Critical Path
  • Modifying Task Relationships
  • Creating Subtasks
  • Adding Recurring Tasks
  • Creating a Project Summary Task

Lesson 3: Calendars and Resources

  • Creating a Project Calendar
  • Assigning a Calendar to the Project
  • Creating a Resource Pool
  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Adjusting Assignments in Task Form View

Lesson 4: Leveling Resource Over-Allocations

  • Identifying Resource Over-Allocations
  • Finding Involved Tasks
  • Resolving Overallocations

Lesson 5: Generating Displays for the Project Team

  • Exploring MS Project Views
  • Viewing MS Project Tables
  • Examining MS Project Reports

Lesson 6: Sorting and Filtering

  • Sorting Project Information
  • Project Filters
  • Using Project Autofilters
  • Printing Sort/Filter Results
Project Level I
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