Access Level III


Wrapping Up the Basics


Suggested Prerequisites: Access Levels I and II

Description: Access Level III wraps up the basic Access topics by covering advanced queries, advanced form construction, command buttons, macros, advanced report functions, and Internet options. Level III adds functionality and safeguards, while improving the end-user interface dramatically. This course, which finalizes a basic understanding of Access, flows naturally into the Access Level IV course, which helps the user create an Access database that will be distributed in a multiple-user environment. Access Level IV allows us to put a bow on the present AND a padlock on the door to prepare our database for daily use.




Query Wrap-up

  • Parameter Queries
  • Action Queries
  • Join Queries
  • Crosstab Queries

Form Enhancements

  • One-to-One Forms
  • Tab Controls
  • Data Entry Forms
  • Default Values
  • Check Boxes
  • Calculations
  • Subforms

Advanced Tools for End-Users

  • Command Buttons
  • Macros

Report Enhancements

  • The IF statement
  • Substring Functions

Internet Options

  • The Hyperlink Data Type
  • The Attachment Data Type
Access Level III
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