MS Excel Tips & Tricks


Speed Tools for the Excel Super Hero


Suggested Prerequisites: A basic understanding of Excel

Description: No matter how much you know about Microsoft Excel, this seminar, tailored to present shortcuts at the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, will give you techniques that are guaranteed to increase your productivity.



Timesaving Methods for Building a Worksheet

  • Personalizing the Excel Environment
  • Customize with Excel Options
  • Seven Steps to Spreadsheet Success
  • Basic List Rules to Keep You Sane
  • Paste with Live Preview
  • Data Validation as a Self-Defense Move

Creating Attention Grabbing Excel Reports

  • Sorting to Bring Order to Madness
  • Custom Lists for Greater Flexibility
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Filtering to Get Immediate Answers
  • Subtotals – Done Automatically For You
  • Using the Auditing Tools to Track Problems
  • IFERROR for Better Error Handling
  • Using Goal Seek to Find Desired Solutions

Combining Data with Ease and Accuracy

  • Worksheet and Workbook Shortcuts
  • Linking Data across Workbooks Effortlessly
  • Consolidating Data with Active Links

Functions that Save Time and Add Pizzazz

  • VLOOKUP for Expert Search Capabilities
  • The IF Function for Basic Decision Making
  • The SUMIF and SUMIFS Functions
  • The LEFT, RIGHT and MID Functions
  • Extremely Useful Date and Time Functions
  • Using Macros to Expedite Analysis

Amazing Chart Ideas that will Get You Noticed

  • The Fastest Way to Create a Chart
  • Positioning Multiple Charts
  • Linking Chart Titles to Worksheet Cells
  • Sparklines
  • PivotTables for Easier Analysis
  • Slicers
  • PivotCharts for Better Visuals
Excel Tips & Tricks
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