Access Level II


Shoring Up the Database


Suggested Prerequisites: Access Level I

Description: Access Level II is designed to take the participant to the next level beyond the basics. Level II adds data validation, end-user enhancements, more advanced data manipulation, and system automation. This course, which offers a more full understanding of Access, flows naturally into the Access Level III course, which steps up each of the Level II topics and focuses heavily on data manipulation and end-user strategies.




Rules of Normalization


  • The Relationship Window
  • Creating One-to-One Relationships
  • Creating One-to-Many Relationships
  • The Road Map

Table Design Properties

  • Field Descriptions
  • Input Mask
  • Default Values
  • Validation Rules and Text

Queries and Calculations

  • Math Operations
  • The Totals Tool
  • Concatenation

Form Enhancements

  • Adding a Combo Box
  • Rectangles
  • Adding a Logo
  • Adding Additional Fields

Report Enhancements

  • Sorting and Grouping
  • The Summary Line
  • Subreports
Access Level II
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