How do so many people get ahead in life?  Is it luck?  Is it money?  Is it reputation?  It might be a bit of all three.  However, most don’t get ahead without the help of others. The synergy that is present when many minds and talents come together usually propels all involved to new heights. This seminar will help you assemble your own personal “Board of Directors,” and it will help you see how you are on the “Board of Directors” of others – whether you know it, or not!


Professional Development/Leadership

Learning Objective

Attendees will be able to intentionally place specific types of members on their own internal board of directors.  These members will assist in building the success profile of the participant, enabling the professional to achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves.

Who Should Attend?

Any professional who realizes the need to tap into others to present a more holistic front and to ensure synergy with other successful people.


  • Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, and Goals
  • What is an Internal Board of Directors?
  • Why is an Internal Board of Directors Crucial to Success?
  • The Members to Include on your Board
  • The One Thing that Ensures Board Success
  • How to Construct Your Board
  • Paying it Forward
Creating Your Own Internal Board of Directors
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