Thriving in an Online Environment


When leading and/or participating in a virtual environment, you can employ basic strategies to turn the boring virtual world into an exciting, memorable experience.

During this highly interactive session, attendees will learn three areas in which simple changes create a presence that others can learn from, interact with and enjoy.

• Attendees will learn how to establish a physical visual presence that is both professional and warm and fuzzy at the same time.

• Attendees will learn how to interact with others in a virtual environment in a way that promotes conversation and understanding.

• Attendees will learn what actions need to be “amped up” in the virtual world.

Join us, and find out how you can “up” your virtual game!


Professional Development

Learning Objective

“Thriving in an Online Environment” is designed to help seminar attendees create a personal environment and persona that allows them to thrive in their virtual business dealings. Whether they are conducting video conference meetings, participating in online training, or leading an online panel, this seminar has tips and tricks that will improve how the attendee is perceived in any virtual environment.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who has to conduct any part of their lives in a virtual arena.  This seminar can help anyone from the casual user to the virtual salesperson to the corporate leader create a successful and engaging virtual presence.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • Tools of the Trade that Make You Look Great
    • Being Seen as the Pro You Are
    • The Importance of Being Heard
    • It’s All in the Light
  • Interaction for Attention and Retention
    • Virtual Icebreakers
    • Virtual Networking
    • Virtual Exercises
  • The Secret to Online Communication
    • Verbal and Non-verbal Tips and Tricks
    • Over-communicating Successfully
    • Virtual Gestures that Command Attention
Thriving in an Online Environment
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