Leading a Virtual Team Successfully


Since 2020, much of our workforce has turned into a virtual workforce – requiring a whole new way of thinking and behaving. This interactive seminar will explore how leaders can better lead a virtual team so that everyone succeeds.



Learning Objective

Attendees will learn leadership skills that will allow them to lead a virtual work team more effectively and efficiently.

Who Should Attend

Any professional working in a leadership capacity who has some team members working remotely.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



• Current Statistics on Virtual Work Teams and Leaders: Advantages and Disadvantages
• Five Key Areas that Leaders Must Address
• The Qualities of an Effective Leader
• Desirable Characteristics of Virtual Leaders
• Qualities of Effective Virtual Workers
• Tips for Success from the Forbes Coaches Council
• Video Conferencing Platform Evaluation
• Strategies that will Help a Virtual Team Thrive

Leading a Virtual Team Successfully
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