Personal Branding for Professional Success


In today’s society, it’s hard to get noticed and/or to stand out from the crowd. But you must if you want to get ahead. Whether it is to get a job, win a promotion, start your own business, or simply to make a name for yourself, personal branding is your ticket to success.

This interactive seminar will help you build and convey your personal brand – professionally and successfully!

• Attendees will learn how to find and develop a complete personal brand.
• Attendees will learn how to talk their personal brand to anyone at any time.
• Attendees will learn how to market their personal brand across many channels.

Join us, and walk away with your personal brand!


Professional Development

Learning Objective

“Personal Branding for Professional Success” is designed to help seminar attendees create a personal brand that becomes a stepping stone to their professional success.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to succeed in business and industry.  A personal brand can help with recognition of contributions and expertise, and can assist your contacts with retention and recall – of you.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • The Reasons to Develop a Personal Brand
  • Finding Your Story and Developing Your Brand
  • Your Mission and Vision Statements
  • The 30 Second Elevator Pitch for Your Brand
  • Your Personal Tagline
  • Personal Brand Headshots
  • Color, Font and Other Palette Choices
  • The Importance of Your Personal Brand Business Card
  • Crucial Brand Tips in the Social Media Arena
  • Building a Personal Brand Photo Library
  • Constructing Your Personal Bio
  • Marketing Tools for Your Brand
  • Networking with Your Brand
Personal Branding for Professional Success
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