The Art and Science of Influencing People


Business people who are able to positively influence others are seen as successful, productive, and capable. Fortunately, this skill can be learned by understanding a few key concepts. In this seminar, participants will learn to read people in a way that will enable them to more effectively communicate and build relationships that result in the accomplishment of organization goals and objectives. This seminar shows the astute business person how to tap into a true win-win environment in any setting that involves working effectively with others..


Professional Development

Learning Objective

The participant will be able to influence both professional and personal contacts in a positive way that promotes a win-win environment for all.

Who Should Attend

The success-oriented business person who wants to be able to use communication and relationship-building to help accomplish the overall goals and objectives of their organization, in a positive, win-win manner.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • Building Effective Relationships
  • The Secret of Respect
  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward
  • Key Creating Fruitful Affiliations
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Learning to Ask for What You Want
  • Psychology Tricks that Work
  • The Art and Science of Influencing People
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